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Check out our online calculators to help you with determining your Cost of Turnover and your Return on Investment in Reducing Turnover.

Turn Over Calculators

Cost of Turnover Calculator

Use this tool to help figure your estimated turnover rates so you can keep up with normal employee attrition and departmental transitions.

Instructions: Fill in boxes in rows A and B, click on Calculate button to fill in box in row C, etc. Do NOT use commas as separators in numbers.

A. Number of employees   
B. Average annual salary (including benefits) of employees   $
C. Total annual payroll (including benefits) of employee population   
D. Number of employees voluntarily leaving the company annually   
E. Annual turnover rate=(D+A)   %
F. Cost to replace an employee as a percentage of salary   %
G. Bottom line annual impact of voluntary turnover=(F*D*B)   $
H. Cost per day of voluntary turnover=(G+250)   $

* If you're not sure, please be advised that we estimate the cost at anywhere from 50% to 200% of the employee's salary, including lost productivity, on-the-job training, executive search services, etc. Try a few different percentages to observe the impact on your bottom line results

ROI of Investing in Reducing Turnover Calculator

I. Retention goal: targeted reduction in employee turnover rate   %
J. Turnover rate if retention goal is achieved = [E*(1-l)]   %
K. Annual dollar savings in turnover cost if retention goal is achieved = (l*G)   $
L. annual dollars invested to achieve retention goal   $
M. ROI of investing in reducing turnover = [(K+L)*100]   %